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Markelle Fultz week on CelticsBlog

Because the rest of the draft is boring.

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Normally on this blog we’d be dedicating weeks and even months to analyzing the Celtics’ options leading up to the NBA draft. We’d be breaking down various prospects, building our own draft boards, and entertaining options for trading up, down, and out of the draft. Not so much this year.

So with all this extra time we decided to take a full week to hyper-analyze the expected first pick Markelle Fultz. We figure it is a good way to get familiar with Markelle before draft night and a good starting point for the rest of his career where (as the number 1 pick) he’s sure to be put under the microscope early and often.

I’d like to encourage all of you to contribute your own FanPosts as well. The best of which will be put into the Featured FanPost section and some may even be dropped into the front page layout.

We’ll start with a detailed look at his most talked about weakness, his defense.

Hope you enjoy.

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