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Open Topic: What Celtics lineups would you like to see next year?

Feel free to be creative.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I thought it would be fun to open up a topic for discussion and see what you all come up with. Think ahead to the summer, put on your GM hat, and come up with some (fairly reasonable) offseason moves, and tell us what your favorite lineups would look like next year.

For example, a reasonable starting point would be drafting Markelle Fultz, signing Gordon Hayward, and adding Ante Zizic. You might have to trade Terry Rozier for future draft considerations and let Kelly Olynyk (and other free agents) go. So the starting lineup would be Thomas, Bradley, Hayward, Jae Crowder (smallball 4), and Al Horford. Fultz, Smart, and Zizic would be a good, young bench core.

Or perhaps the Celtics would trade Avery Bradley for a cheaper big man which would change the lineup considerably.

Obviously it would be great if the Celtics were able to trade 2nd rounders for Anthony Davis, but it might be more fun to keep the conversation somewhere near the realm of reasonableness. With that said, please feel free to be creative in how you shape the roster going forward.

Ok, go.

(Oh, and be nice to each other.)

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