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Report: Markelle Fultz will only work out for Boston Celtics

There are no guarantees in the NBA, but Markelle Fultz’s decision to only work out for the Celtics suggests there may be mutual interest in Boston taking him with the number one pick.

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According to Philadelphia 76ers reporter, Keith Pompey, Markelle Fultz will only work out with the Boston Celtics. In so doing, Fultz, widely regarded as the likely number one pick, is adding to the growing speculation that Boston intends to draft him. Pompey broke the news via Twitter.

Fultz has been projected atop mock draft boards for months, but Celtics President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge, is notoriously willing to buck convention for the right price. He will continue to evaluate other players, and conduct his due diligence on potential trades, but Fultz’s decision to participate in workouts only with Boston is an indication that the desire to see him play for the Celtics next year is mutual.

Fultz has already publicly shared his interest in being drafted by Boston, and while his enthusiasm is noteworthy, coming to a decision not to engage with other teams was likely contingent upon at least some level of assurance that the Celtics intend to take him. Enthusiasm alone is not a sound basis for such a choice.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t set in stone. There are no guarantees on what Boston will do with their pick. They don’t have to make that call until the day of the draft, and they would be foolish to make a public commitment to Fultz with so much time before that happens and so many variables in play.

For now we will be left to interpret the signs as they come. This one appears to be pointing towards the Celtics holding on to their pick, and taking Fultz. For a more detailed look at what adding him to the roster might entail, make sure to check out our “Markelle Fultz Week” content.

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