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Report: Markelle Fultz to work out with Kings

Should the Celtics be worried...or intrigued?

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You can file this report under “due dilligence”:

With the #5 and #10 pick, it’s not news that the Kings have options. Markelle Fultz is still the likely #1 pick, but because Sacramento has the ability to move up with two top-10 picks on June 22nd, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d request a work out with Fultz or that Fultz would grant them one.

What does this mean for Boston and their interest in drafting Fultz? Probably very litte:

Teams are going to get as much info on players as possible. Even if a trade isn’t made on draft night, it’s valuable intel to have down the road. The Kings, for example, were enamored with Buddy Hield last year and would later trade DeMarcus Cousins for him mid-season. However, it’s always fun to play armchair GM and think of possible trades. A few weeks ago, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons threw out this possible three-way deal between the Sixers, Kings, and Celtics:


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