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Rumor: Gordon Hayward interested in Miami?

Utah Jazz v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

This morning I woke up, the same way a lot of Celtics fans did, overjoyed at the fruitful offseason that is before us. The cornucopia of assets that the team has collected is finally about to start paying off, and Boston is becoming an intriguing destination for free agents, so I have plenty to be happy about.

So much, in fact, that I didn’t even let reports that Celtic Nation darling Markelle Fultz is scheduled to workout with the Sacramento Kings faze me, because what shot do they have anyway without going through Danny Ainge? No, not even California’s third NBA franchise could get me down.

Then, at 9:54 am, Marc Stein ruined my day:

Do you mean to tell me that Gordon Hayward isn’t on a cross-country drive to Boston as we speak? I had our trip to Mike’s Pastry all planned out. I was convinced that the former Butler standout wasn’t even looking elsewhere. Ignorance was so blissful. The rumor mill plays no favorites. But seriously, who would want to skip Salt Lake City or Boston for Miami?!

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