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The Parquet Podcast Ep. 1: Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum futures and Avery Bradley

The debut of The Parquet Podcast on CelticsBlog focuses on prospect development. Could Jayson Tatum be the next Paul Pierce? We also talk Jaylen Brown comparisons along with what brought Avery Bradley so far from his raw beginnings in the league. Finally, a Danny Ainge debate. brings you The Parquet Podcast, a brand new, refreshing Celtics show that will be available every Wednesday featuring the cast of writers here at the site.

It’s currently available on the CLNS podcast app and Stitcher, and ensuing episodes will be available on iTunes and Youtube.

I’ll be hosting alongside a guest or two as we break down trends and fun stories around the team, do roundtable discussions on a topic like we often do here at the site and take your voicemails. If you want in on the show, send your voicemails with questions, comments, or whatever you want to say to prior to Monday for episode two.

In the debut show Jared Weiss, Jeff Clark and I discussed Jayson Tatum and what we expect Jaylen Brown to become. Jared Weiss also sheds some light on what led to Avery Bradley’s successful development in Boston. The roundtable features a debate on Danny Ainge’s approach to trade discussions.

Jeff also did a Doc Rivers impersonation that’s worth a listen alone.

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