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Banners Broadcast Episode 4: Isaiah Thomas, state of the Cavaliers and the youth

Now that the Celtics have assembled their roster, are the keys there to take the next step and beat the Cavaliers? Turmoil in Cleveland and the influx of youth in Boston are discussed.

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Now that the Paul George era of Celtics trade talks has come and gone, the next question is when will the Pelicans even think about picking up the phone on Anthony Davis?

Greg Cassoli and Mike DePrisco join The Banners Broadcast this week to answer that and other Celts voicemails left to us this past week. If you want to be on next week’s episode, call 978-595-1744 with your question or thought on the green team.

Isaiah Thomas’ contract is a topic of discussion as well as the vulnerability of the Cavaliers and how concerning the influx of youth on Boston’s roster is.

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