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Video: Danny Ainge gets posterized by his son

Celtics President of Basketball Operations decided to post a video of his son Crew jamming on his head.

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Ainge has had a very successful off-season following the Celtics’ 53-win season and Eastern Conference Finals appearance. Boston made a number of good signings and trades that have certainly made them a more improved team for the 2017-18 season.

However, Ainge’s family doesn’t seem to give him any special treatment because of his work with the Celtics. On Sunday night Ainge decided to post a video of him and his son Crew playing basketball in the driveway. Crew had no mercy on his father as he drove in, created space, and threw down a dunk on Danny’s head.

You have to give Ainge a little credit here. It has to be a tough pill to swallow when your son disgraces you in a sport you played at a professional level, and he posted it for the world to see. It was part of #drivebydunkchallenge. Earlier in the week, Jaylen Brown participated with this vicious throw down on two innocent bystanders. At least Danny was playing D.

This comes after Danny’s son, Tanner, who was running for Congress in the state of Utah, tweeted at Gordon Hayward about the Massachusetts millionaire tax. Tanner’s efforts to keep Hayward in Utah didn’t pan out for him, as his dad ended up landing the star forward less than a week later.

Austin Ainge is the Director of Player Personnel for the Celtics, so there’s at least one of Danny’s sons that doesn’t try to steal free agents from him or dunk on him in the driveway. Anyway, good for Danny giving props to his boy for besting him on the home basketball court. It takes a big man to do what he did. Crew then returned the respect later on on twitter to confirm what most of us thought about Danny’s persona.

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