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NBA trade report: Avery Bradley traded to Detroit for Marcus Morris

We’ll miss you Avery.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Multiple news outlets are reporting that the Celtics are trading Avery Bradley and a second-round pick to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Marcus Morris.

Bradley was going to be an expensive guy to re-sign next offseason with Isaiah Thomas coming up for a new contract. This deal paves the way for that to happen and balances the roster a little more.

There were other teams in the bidding for Bradley as well. Per Woj:

The Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers were aggressive suitors for Bradley in the past 24 hours, league sources said.

Morris is a useful big man that will help the Celtics in the paint. He’s not a very good rebounder, but he is versatile. He is also under a cost-controlled contract for an additional year.

This moves means that we’ll likely be hanging on to Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier. So the Celtics are moving further and further away from traditional positions. They now have Hayward, Brown, Tatum, Crowder, and Morris (and perhaps Yabusele), all of whom can play multiple wing or swing positions on the court. That should be interesting.

All of us at CelticsBlog sincerely wish Avery Bradley all the best in the world. I have a feeling the Pistons fans are going to love him.

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