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Sneak peek at Celtics “new” Nike uniforms

Not much has changed - and that’s a good thing.

2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In case you missed it, Nike has taken over the rights to outfit the NBA with uniforms this season. In some cases (like the Timberwolves) that has led to drastic changes. In other cases, like the Celtics, the changes are much more subtle.

There will actually be 4 “new” uniforms for each team and Nike is slowly rolling them out to maximize the publicity (brilliant marketing angle in the dead August days). The first two are generally going to be much like the team’s normal home and away jerseys (though teams have the option of picking whatever colors they want regardless of venue this year).

So obviously the Celtics “home” whites and “away” greens are staying largely the same.

2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There are some subtle changes, as our own Jared Weiss pointed out.

Obviously due to the naming rights, the GE logo is prominent on the shoulder. The “yoke” on the back shoulders is an interesting touch as well.

Later this summer, Nike will also start rolling out two more alternate jerseys, and that might be where the fun really starts.

For me, the biggest win is that there are no more sleeved jerseys. Bye, bye pajama greys!

Any thoughts on the “new” uniforms thus far?

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