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Would you rather be the owner, coach or general manager of the Celtics and why?

All three positions are pretty cushy jobs but, if given a choice, what role would you like to fill?

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Mike DePrisco

I envy Wyc (Grousbeck) and Steve (Pagliuca). They get to go to all of the games and sit in the best seats in the house. They can also talk to Danny Ainge about different moves the team is leaning toward. Owner is definitely the most enjoyable of the three in my mind.

Simon Pollock

Less exciting but I have to agree with Mike. Hold the purse strings, but don’t have to spend my entire life on the phone or trying to manage team personalities and politics.

Greg Cassoli

This is an easy one: owner. No question. Team’s are getting valued in the billions and I can farm out the real work to Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and their highly competent staff.

Tim MacLean

I guess I’m the odd man out here.

To me it comes down to either GM or coach. But since I have to make a choice I’ll go with being the coach. Brad Stevens gets to work with elite athletes every single day and has seemingly gotten every guy that’s passed through his locker room to buy what he’s selling. The camaraderie that can come with being a coach is invaluable and it’s a lot better than having to simply look at players as assets.

It’s obviously tougher when guys get traded or leave in free agency but, in today’s NBA where guys are just “pieces”, it seems a lot more satisfying being the coach, where you can both teach and learn from your players and the people around you.

Plus, coaches are usually next in line when getting the credit or blame after players. Most people remember the players and coach on winning and losing teams. It’s rare for people to say, “Wow, so-and-so built a heck of a team that year.”

Lachlan Marr

You guys might be all about the money but for me it's all about being where the action is. So while I see the billions of benefits of being an NBA owner - considering this is a complete hypothetical and we're actually not going to get paid - I've got to go with being the coach. I want to be calling the shots come game time, I want to drive the direction of the team and help players grow and develop into true superstars. I want to be out there on the parquet, not holed up in a boardroom all day. Of course the only problem here is with Brad Stevens doing the job he's doing he could be coaching the Celtics for the next 50 years so I may well have missed my window.


What would you rather be?

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    Head Coach
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  • 26%
    General Manager
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