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What is the worst draft choice the Celtics have ever made?

Sadly a few to choose from in this category as well.

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Another history week topic of discussion. Yesterday we talked about the best draft picks ever; today we’re looking at the flipside.

Some bad picks are a result of unfulfilled potential (James Young). Some were just bad calls by the team (Joe Forte). Others are just bad luck.

Personally I’m leaving Len Bias off this list and putting him in his own category of “tragedy.”

Once again, value counts, so I’m personally not too upset with second-round gambles like Jordan Mickey. Also, if you want to take into consideration players that were selected soon after the pick (Jimmy Butler, Greek Freak, etc.), go for it.

So what was the worst pick in Celtics history?

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