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Banners Broadcast 7: Top 10 Doc Rivers wins

Justin Poulin and Nick Gelso hop in for history week at CelticsBlog to reminisce on our ten favorite Doc Rivers-era wins.

The Doc Rivers era was synonymous with the Big Three era and with that extraordinary talent came iconic wins.

There were rivalries with the Heat and Magic, historic comebacks, unforgettable quotes and a team as closely-bonded as any we’ve seen in Celtics history. If Doc Rivers wasn’t coaching great, he at least had the group thinking they were capable of coming back down as many points as 27.

From the championship to the 20-0 run against the Knicks that fell short in Game Six of the 2013 East Quarterfinals, there were enough classic performances to talk about for a whole day. With the CelticsBlog staff off this week, CLNS Media’s Justin Poulin and Nick Gelso co-hosted to remember an era they both were live from the TD Garden to cover.

A trip back in time to the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett era also warranted a heated discussion on LeBron James, who could possibly leave the Cavaliers in free agency in 2018 as he did in 2010 after losing to Boston.

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