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Breaking down the shocking Kyrie Irving – Isaiah Thomas trade

Who won the trade between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers? And what are the long-term ramifications for both sides?

2017 NBA Finals - Game Four
After requesting a trade from Cleveland, Kyrie Irving now finds himself on the opposite side of an Eastern Conference rivalry with Boston.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Vice Sports’ Michael Pina joins Sam Vecenie for an emergency episode of the Game Theory Podcast to discuss yesterday’s shape-shifting trade. Michael and Sam take a deep dive into what the trade means for the Celtics in 2017 and beyond.


2:15 Gut reactions to the deal

12:38 Opportunity cost of trading for Kyrie Irving vs. another star down the road

20:20 Was this Celtics trade for the present, the future, or perhaps both?

27:54 Trade value of 2018 Nets pick for Cleveland?

30:38 Eastern Conference ranking following trade

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