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Celtics vs. Celtics: who wins this pick up game?

A pair of CelticsBlog captains picked teams from the Celtics roster for a pick up game. Who ya got?

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It’s the beginning of August and we’re still six weeks away from the start of Celtics training camp. Outside of the Big 3 senior circuit and the Drew, there’s not a lot of organized basketball games on right now, but we have seen glimpses of everybody’s workouts this summer.

We thought it would be fun to pick teams with the new roster and have a virtual pick up game here on CelticsBlog. Vote in the poll who you think would win this scrimmage and keep the trash talk in the comments section civil. Here are captains Bill Sy and Mike DePrisco with their team selections:

BS: Alright, Mike. Let's do this middle school style. As the rookie writer, I'll give you your choice of first pick or you can pick two guys with the second pick.

MD: I’ll definitely go with the second two picks.

BS: Your first rookie mistake. I'll go with the new guy, Gordon Hayward. Of the new Big Three, he can score from anywhere, get his teammates open shots, and is a versatile defender. Let me guess: IT and Horford?

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MD: Yes. I figured you'd go the Hayward route and I would've been fine with either him or Thomas next to Horford. I feel like Al is a mismatch for the other bigs.

BS: This is where it becomes a chess match. How's your checkers game, son?

MD: I've got some ideas. All depends on how you go with these picks.

BS: Hmmm. Pawn to bishop 4. I'll go with Jaylen Brown. Prepare for a bunch of these:

MD: Interesting choice, but I like it. OK, then I'll go with 99 Problems in an effort to match your wing power.

BS: Ooooh. Crowder on Hayward. Are we calling our own fouls?

MD: Haha. Within reason. The coaching staff can ref it if anything since they aren't up for selection.

BS: But if they were, it might be a tough call. Who do you take? Waltah or Brad? Tommy would kill us if we passed on McCarty, but people forget that Coach got game.

MD: Tough one cuz Walter is definitely the better player, but Brad is real crafty and could call the plays on the floor. And don't sleep on Larranaga's crazy eyes on defense.

BS: You definitely don't want to face Ol' Crazy Eyes at the park. Alright, let's add some nasty to my team: Marcus Smart. I know they're only summer pick up game videos, but Marcus' shooting stroke is looking nice. He looks leaner and quicker, too. That'll help The Cobra against IT.

MD: Smart is a must to try and check my man IT. If Smart succeeds on some possessions, I'll need another guy to throw it to. As the rookie writer, I’ll take the rookie wing in Tatum.

BS: So, let's see. Right now, you've got Thomas-Tatum-Crowder-Horford and I've got Smart-Brown-Hayward. I'll go with the old dog and take Marcus Morris. I think a lot of Celtics fans are sleeping on how good MM is.

MD: I definitely agree with you. I think he's the starter at the four and a good option to guard LeBron.

BS: Already starting a little team drama. Don't let JC hear you say that.

MD: Haha. Well, I'd have Crowder at 3 in that case.

BS: So who’s your two-guard?

MD: I feel like the easy pick is Terry but I'm not crazy about it so I'm gonna go with Ojeleye to fill out the starting five. Keeping it versatile around Thomas and Horford.

BS: Love that pick. You already have Jae Crowder 1.0. Might as well have Jae Crowder 2.0. I'll go with the other half of the Motown muscle and pick Aron Baynes.

MD: Smart, Morris, and Baynes is a pickup squad if I've ever seen one. Now I'll go with Terry as a secondary ball handler after Thomas.

BS: My team definitely has an edge if this is a wrestling match. I think this means I have to pick up the Dancing Bear, right?

MD: Yeah. He'd be more likely to flex on his defender with the Marcus duo hyping him up.

BS: Guerschon, you're my first big off the bench.

MD: So the remaining players we have are Zizic, Theis, Nader, and Larkin. I'll go with Zizic to add some size to my front court against the muscle you have.

BS: Give me Nader. There were times in summer league where he looked like the most Brad Stevens-y player in Vegas. He hit open threes and drive when the lanes opened up.

MD: Yeah I'm interested to see how/if he's utilized off the bench. I'll wrap up my team with Theis.

BS: OK, but I get Brad.

MD: Ok then I get coach Evan Turner.

BS: School yard move bringing in a ringer, Mike.

MD: Gotta do whatcha gotta do on the playground.

BS: Alright. First to 15. 1’s and 2’s.


So, who wins?

This poll is closed

  • 69%
    Mike’s Young Grasshoppers: Thomas/Ojeleye/Tatum/Crowder/Horford/Rozier/Theis/Zizic
    (1233 votes)
  • 30%
    Bill’s Ballers: Smart/Brown/Hayward/Morris/Baynes/Larkin/Nader/Yabusele
    (543 votes)
1776 votes total Vote Now

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