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Boston Celtics honor “Heroes Among Us” in ceremony at State House

Stand up and give them a round of applause.

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One of the coolest things that the Celtics organization does is to honor people who have gone above and beyond in the community. The Celtics, along with the Mass. State Lottery, honors “Heroes Among Us” at games and the stories are all wonderful. This week the Celtics gathered them all for an additional tribute ceremony at the State House.

Per the Celtics press release:

“It’s exciting to be able to celebrate so many heroic acts all at one time in one location,” said Celtics Co-Owner Bob Epstein. “These heroes have truly made a positive impact to our community and they deserve to be celebrated for their courageous efforts.”

“These outstanding citizens inspire us all to make our world a better place,” said Goldberg. “I am truly honored to celebrate the dedication, perseverance and selflessness of these remarkable heroes.”

[This is me standing up to applaud each of the names below.]

Heroes Among Us honorees for the 2016-17 season included: Abbey D’Agostino, Harry Wilson, Robert E. Naser, John Katsaros, Joseph W. Sandagato III, Thomas D. Scott, Rosemary K. Heath, Lieutenant James M. Creed, Laura A. Creed, Deborah Hughes, Dan Frasier, Cesar Perozo, Bob Hildreth, Seth Rotberg, Ryan Comeau, Cameron A. Cook, Clellan Bunn, Andre Robert Daigle, Anthony Meeks, Pat Arcand, Alise Fabregas, Richard Berman, Charlie Titus, Sheila Krikorian, David Gonzalez, Ryan Keegan, Mike Mathlin, Ryan Keegan, Jacob Ochoa, Christie Coombs, Arnold B. Alqueza, Paul L. Burgart, Simon G. Talbot, Joseph D. Vinacco, Mike Boston, Christy Gardner, Thomas Donovan, Edwin Slater, Derek Thompson, Dylan Thompson, Sheila Donovan Joslin, Michelle Shabazz, David Bronson, Paul “Doc” Dachsteiner, Kelly Driscoll, Nurys Camargo, Jay Barnes, Darryl Buefort, Stephen A. Teague, Lai Chan, Barbara Jenkins, Amy O’Connor, Mark A. Hanson, Peter Niles, Paul Pereira, Jim O’Connell, Jesse Carrier, Justin Petterson, Chucky Rosa, Brandon Korona, Brian Tomlinson.

The Celtics also do really cool things (like upgrading the library of a Boys & Girls club) in particular during the summer months. See more about that here.

Great job Celtics!

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