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Which star would you NOT want on the Celtics?

Talent doesn’t always win.

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Question for the staff and for you.

What one great player in the league would you not take on your team for any reason and why?

Bill Sy

Russell Westbrook. He's amazing, but I can't stand watching him. I've been spoiled with Brad Stevens' brand of basketball. I don't think I could ever watch a single-talent driven squad for all 82.

Tim MacLean

Russell Westbrook. Unlike Bill, I enjoy watching him play, especially when he really gets it going. But, to me, it's more fun to watch the ball skip around from player to player in a system that emphasizes ball movement and constant motion. Westbrook doesn't fit that mold, and I wouldn't be willing to scrap Brad's system in order to please Russ.

Mike Deprisco

DeMarcus Cousins. He’s such a great talent, but he isn't very versatile and would cause so many headaches with his antics that it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Cousins hasn't been on a good team yet, so we still don't know how effective his gaudy stats are.

Greg Cassoli

I'm a big believer in talent trumping everything, so refusing to take a truly great player is a difficult scenario for me to envision. If DeAndre Jordan qualifies as great, I guess I'd say him, simply because of his free-throw troubles and inability to stretch the floor.

If I had to go with someone with a slightly higher pedigree, I'd stay away from Kyrie Irving. He's incredible scoring the ball, but his defense and reluctance to set up his teammates are red flags. So too is not being able to find a way to fit next to the best player in basketball.

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