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Celtics fans, it’s time to move on from Isaiah Thomas

CLNS Media’s Jimmy Toscano and Nick Gelso break up with Isaiah Thomas.

Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder & Ante Zizic Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

After a week of turmoil from the Kyrie Irving - Isaiah Thomas, on again and off again trade, Isaiah’s Players’ Tribune letter on Thursday night finally closed the book on his brief but memorable career in Boston.

Following IT’s emotional farewell, Jimmy Toscano and I reported in The Garden Report with our reactions.

While Boston fans wiped their tears, Friday came quick, and so did Thomas’ introductory press conference with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It was quite jarring to see Isaiah in Cavs gear. It was even more jarring to hear Thomas and Crowder mention their impact in the Celtics’ rebuild. Immediately, fans reacted and the debates began over IT’s comments. Were they a bit too far? Was he justified? Doesn’t Danny Ainge and Coach Stevens deserve any credit in the Celtics’ quick rebuild? Even Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett can stake some claim for the C’s rapid renaissance.

Why continue to debate? Instead, let’s move on with fond memories of the past. Let’s start to look ahead at how the rebooted Celts can fill some of voids left behind with Isaiah’s departure.

In Part 2 of the Garden Report, Toscano and I take a look at whether Kyrie Irving can be as much of an talent recruiter as IT proved to be over the last two seasons.

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