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Jaylen Brown produced a rap song (for motivation)

Our own Gen X Renaissance Man

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylen Brown has a lot of potential and promise on the basketball court. He’s also an interesting and many layered individual off of it. So it only makes sense that he would use a unique technique to get himself ready for games.

Per SportTechie

Brown had tested a bevy of other methods in the past in an attempt to alleviate his pregame jitters, but this time, the stage — the biggest of his career — necessitated an imaginative answer.

He finally settled on an unorthodox solution — to create a three-minute, 31-second rap song that he rapped, produced and composed himself, one that would boost his self-esteem and get him past the urge to vomit before games in nervousness. Brown listened to the song, entitled Building Blocks, several times before all five games of a playoff series in which he held his own against James defensively.

Game day and it’s time to focus in. … Is you ready, I can feel you breathing heavy, keep it steady. I just gotta pretend that I got it all together when I don’t. Probably wanna throw up but I won’t … just breathe. —Jaylen Brown, Building Blocks

Go read the rest of the article for more details, but apparently this is all part of a technique that other NBA players are starting to use and it involves working with a mental skills coach (Graham Betchart) and using an app designed to focus players before a game.

Players have always developed their own routines to get themselves prepared for playing. Perhaps this is part of the new wave of doing so. Whatever works for him is fine with me.

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