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Report: NBA Board of Governors pass lottery reform and player resting rules

The NBA officially passed a lottery reform to help prevent teams from tanking starting with the 2019 draft.

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NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that the NBA Board of Governors passed a draft lottery reform to help prevent teams from tanking and getting top draft picks. The new rules will reportedly begin after this season for the 2019 NBA Draft.

The lottery rules will give teams with the three worst records in the league the same odds(14%) at winning the top overall pick, and the same chance of placing in the top three picks(40%). The odds then gradually drop off similar to the old lottery system. With three teams having the same chance at the top pick, lottery night should be extremely interesting.

The NBA also passed new player resting rules, which will discourage teams from resting starting players for certain games. Adam Silver now has the ability to fine teams who rest healthy players in instances that include nationally televised games per ESPN.

This problem arose last season when teams like the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers rested star players for nationally televised games. The NBA also shortened the preseason and added an extra week to the regular season in an effort to decrease back-to-backs and instances of teams playing four games in five nights.

The new lottery reform doesn’t impact the Celtics unless the pick that the Lakers owe them lands at #1 or outside of the top-five this season. Then they will own the Sacramento Kings’ top-1 protected first rounder for 2019.

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