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Kyrie Irving does The J.J. Redick Podcast

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Kyrie and J.J. talk conspiracy theories, London happenings, Duke University secret societies, Departing from Cleveland, and the genius of Brad Stevens.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

You might not know about the J.J. Redick Podcast, but it’s one you want to add to your regular rotation. Redick teamed up with Bill Simmons’ NBA platform at, and he’s already had Joel Embiid, James Corden, and Karl-Anthony Towns sit down with him.

The Philadelphia 76er sharpshooter is an excellent orator and a skilled podcast host. He has a unique way of getting his colleagues to open up and avoid the typical barrier that fans see in press conferences. Redick makes it much more like a conversation than an interview, and he provides some interesting insight into how players are when the cameras are away.

Kyrie Irving sat down with Redick after their teams faced off in London yesterday.

To start, Irving reveals what motivated him to talk publicly about his flat earth theory. The Duke Blue Devil alums chat about why the idea of dinosaurs didn’t exist until the 1800’s. The duo also hilariously point out that one of the rims in the O2 arena is crooked, and you can guess which one it was:

Other topics include:

  • Various travel stops while staying in London.
  • Their shared bond through a secret society at Duke.
  • Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s adaptability to one-and-done players.
  • How Kyrie developed the tightest handle in the NBA.
  • Pregame meditation.
  • What it was like to ask to be traded out of Cleveland.
  • Balancing basketball, media narratives, and real life.
  • What makes Brad Stevens so special.

You can check out the entire episode here: