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If Celtics land top 3 in 2018 NBA Draft they will select.... (podcast)

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Sam Vecenie and Coles Zwicker make the case for why Marvin Bagley is a top 3 pick

2017 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with good friend of the program Cole Zwicker, where they finally do what they’ve been foreshadowing for the last two months: argue about Marvin Bagley III. Vecenie gives the case for Bagley, and why he’s worthy of a top-three pick in the draft. Cole gives the case against him being in the top-five, and discusses why he thinks NBA teams will have issues fitting him into their roster due to his limitations.

Then, they chat about Vecenie’s updated 2018 NBA Mock Draft over at The Athletic, talking about some of the players who have moved up or down the board over the course of the last month.