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The Read & React: dreaming of Anthony Davis

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AD destroyed the Celtics with 45 points and 16 rebounds in a Pelicans’ OT win after quashing all the rumors and conjecture that he could be heading to Boston in the future.

USA Basketball Men's National Team practices in Gran Canari, Spain Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Bill Sy: Before dropping 45 & 16 on the Celtics last night, NBC Boston’s Abby Chin and MassLive’s Jay King peppered Anthony Davis with questions about rumors/reports/dreams regarding AD potentially coming to Boston. They had just as much luck getting a straight answer out of him as the Celtics were at stopping the All-NBA 1st Teamer:

Games like last night are intoxicating for Celtics fans. Davis is only 24-years-old and fits perfectly into Boston’s age profile (Jayson Tatum 19, Jaylen Brown 21, Kyrie Irving 25, Gordon Hayward 26, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier 22). Moreover, his unicorn skill set and defensive mindset make him a perfect cornerstone to Ainge’s rebuild.

There are some factors working in Boston’s favor. The Pelicans are facing a franchise-changing decision of whether or not to offer the mercurial DeMarcus Cousins a max contract this summer. After maxing Jrue Holiday last summer, they’re already at $91M guaranteed. They’re currently the 6th seed out West with the Nuggets, Clippers, and Blazers nipping at their heels. Despite Davis’ continued allegiance to The Big Easy, New Orleans is on the treadmill with not many options to get substantially better.

For the Celtics, the price could be will be steep. Jayson Tatum won’t be enough. Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart? Warmer. Tatum, Smart, and Horford? That’s closer to the money matching at least. Tatum, Smart, Horford, and the Lakers/Kings pick? Dell Demps takes that call and starts negotiating for more.

The next two weeks will be very telling. If Demps doesn’t deal Cousins, it could signal that the Pelicans are all in on Boogie and The Brow. But is that enough for Davis? He could walk in 2020 and by then, the Celtics could have gone another route and already hanging Banner 18 in the rafters. He knows that Boston is interested and for now, The Brow remains furrowed at any suggestion of leaving the Pelicans, but after this trade deadline and post-season, we’ll have to wait and see if The Brow rises at another Boston overture.