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NBA Draft Draft experts discuss who Danny Ainge should have his eyes on (podcast)

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NBA Draft expert discusses Bagley, Young, Bamba with college basketball expert

BASKETBALL: AUG 05 Drew League Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Rob Dauster from over at NBC Sports and does something a little bit different. Typically, he has people on who scout college basketball solely for the purpose of breaking them down as NBA prospects. Instead, in this episode, Sam chats with Rob about NBA Draft prospects from the perspective of someone who writes full-time about college basketball and evaluates players for that purpose.

What does he think of Marvin Bagley? Then, there is a long discussion about Trae Young, the system he operates in, how great his numbers are, and what Oklahoma’s scheme tells about what his best fits will be in the NBA. Next, they chat about Mohamed Bamba, and whether or not they trust him at the next level.

Then, we move on and chat about the Kentucky prospects. What does Rob think about Kevin Knox, Shai Alexander, Hamidou Diallo, and more. We also get into a discussion on Kentucky’s best lineups. Finally, we chat about some of the prospects Rob thinks are undervalued by draft people.