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Video emerges of Gordon Hayward shooting stand-still threes

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Hayward is canning threes without the chair

NBA: Boston Celtics-Press Conference Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As the Boston Celtics go through their roughest stretch of losses all season, the superstar they’re missing continues to progress in his recovery from injury.

A little over three months after dislocating his ankle and fracturing his tibia on opening night, Gordon Hayward is shooting threes without a brace, and making all of them too.

Hayward isn’t jumping when he takes these probably because that’s a step that he will have to get to eventually, but it’s good to see him shooting from somewhere other than a chair. This comes after a tweet from Danny Ainge shared a picture of Hayward, highlighting the fact that he didn’t have a brace on.

Brad Stevens and Ainge have insisted that Hayward is not returning this season and his recovery is going as planned. While that is most likely the best course of action, it’s still fun to celebrate Hayward’s mini-milestone’s.