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Watch: Gordon Hayward getting up shots before Celtics’ game in LA

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Hayward is in LA for the Celtics’ road trip, and is getting up shots pregame

NBA: Boston Celtics-Press Conference Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If you saw the video of Celtics forward Gordon Hayward shooting threes in an empty gym, then you probably got excited about the star’s recovery from his left ankle injury.

Brad Stevens told the media Tuesday before Boston’s game against the Lakers that Hayward could start to travel with the team in early March. Hayward was in LA to attend both games at Staples Center, and has decided to get some more shooting in before the team’s game against the Clippers.

As you can see, Hayward has a brace on his left ankle and is performing a few dribble moves along with his spot-shooting. Even though he’s still a ways away from competing for the Celtics on the floor, it seems that Hayward is only pogressing rather than suffering a few set-backs.

Given some of issues teams like the Spurs and Sixers have had with their marquee players recovering fully from injuries, it’s relieving to observe the Celtics handle Hayward’s situation with such diligence.