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Solving the Celtics recent struggles, one at a time (video)

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Trags, Jimmy Toscano and Josue Pavon are solving all the problems recently plaguing the Celtics...

NBA: Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

BOSTON - While the Boston Celtics head out west, the CLNS’ studios are humming again with film sessions, breaking down the trending news, topics and games being played out west. Oh, we cannot forget Trags’ Super Bowl coverage either. The C’s may be traveling but there’s still quite a bit to keep all of us back in Boston busy.

However, this is CelticsBlog, so we will stick to the Celtics coverage. In this edition of The Garden Report, Mike “Trags” Petraglia, Jimmy Toscano and Josue Pavon look at exactly what issues are bogging down the C’s and causing the team to struggle, even against lowly opponents, such as the Lakers.