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Bob Cousy speaks to the Celtics prior to Tuesday’s practice

The Boston legend met with the team at the Auerbach Center on Tuesday afternoon.

Red Auerbach Viewing Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

BRIGHTON - Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy spoke to the team before their practice at the Auerbach Center on Tuesday afternoon.

When asked about the 90-year-old hall of famer, Terry Rozier said that he had seen some clips of Cousy, and knew that he was a talented ball-handler. The Celtics guard was happy to have the fellow point guard pay the team a visit. “He’s an All-Star, a champion, and he’s still talking about how he could have done more,” said Rozier. “So when you just hear a guy talk like that, just his unselfishness and his love for the game is just crazy. It’s something that could take you a long way.”

Bob Cousy represents what it means to be a Celtic, and Brad Stevens was very appreciative that he would stop by. “Bob spoke to the team for a little bit in our video room. ... What he shared was great and I’m just appreciative of him to take that time. ... It’s one thing to have those banners hanging above you, but when those guys come in ... you just kind of say, ‘man, we have a lot of responsibility for the uniform we’re putting on.’”

Listen to everything Stevens said regarding Cousy’s visit and yesterday’s practice here:

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