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Jimmy Butler, a Godfather offer, and some early NBA rumblings

Will Jimmy Butler go to Houston, Miami, or someplace we haven’t even thought of yet?

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The surreal season of rumors started early this year. Jimmy Butler’s odd shenanigans in Minnesota seemed to point to a quick resolution to that situation but the proverbial other shoe still hasn’t dropped. The Miami Heat have long been mentioned as the most aggressive suitors and perhaps Jimmy’s preferred landing spot. However, things have stalled there and a new team has stepped into the rumor spotlight and made what they clearly think is a Godfather type offer.

via Woj

The Houston Rockets are making a renewed bid to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Jimmy Butler, including four future first-round draft picks in their most recent offer, league sources told ESPN.

The Timberwolves have continued to solicit offers for Butler since the start of the regular season, the sources said.

A lot can be said about this, in particular from a Boston perspective since we’ve just lived through the Nets Picks era. But it is worth noting that these are different situations, Jimmy is younger than KG and Pierce, and the picks would likely have protections on them.

Putting all that aside, there’s still a chance that the Thibs and the Wolves re-engage the Heat (or some other team) and make a move that brings back players that are more equipped to help them win now.

From a selfish standpoint, I’d kind of like to see Jimmy Butler stay out West so we don’t have to deal with him in the East. Then again, who can tell what the next several months will bring?

There are already rumors that Kevin Durant might be looking for a new address in the Summer. The Lakers may not wait that long to make a move to give LeBron James more help (Kemba Walker perhaps?). Things are already going sideways in Washington so I wouldn’t rule them out of a shake-up move. And of course we’ll all be keeping at least one eye on the MVP candidate playing in New Orleans.

What are your thoughts on the Jimmy Butler saga and the other rumors and rumblings around the league?

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