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Celtics react to Red Sox World Series title

Brad Stevens, Gordon Hayward, and Aron Baynes each congratulated the Red Sox after practice on Monday.

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Since 2001, the city of Boston has seen it’s four major sports teams win eleven championships. The twenty-somethings of New England have been spoiled to say the least, and that continued on Sunday night with the Red Sox taking home the 2018 World Series title.

As Alex Cora stated at his introductory press conference, the expectation here is to win championships, and that rings true for the Boston Celtics as well. On Monday, the Celtics reacted to the World Series win.

Head coach Brad Stevens has referenced his relationship with Cora on multiple occasions, and it’s clear that he was proud of his fellow coach. “It’s super inspiring,” said Stevens. “And the way that it happened. I’ve talked multiple times about how team-oriented they were ... You look at Mookie Betts, who struggled all the way through, and yet was clearly an unbelievable leader with his smile and the way that people got great motivation from his presence. You just go down the line with all those guys, the pitchers, too. It was incredible.”

Aron Baynes also enjoyed discussed the impressive showing from the Red Sox and what it means for the city. “It’s a great thing for the city and a great thing for the players to be able to go out here and enjoy it the next couple of days. It’s going to be fun for the city, and hopefully we can continue to build off of that excitement.”

Adding to Baynes’ excitement for the city, Gordon Hayward noted that team’s like the 2018 Red Sox are why some call Boston “Titletown”. “They call it Title Town for a reason, so now we have to do our job.”

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