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Preseason impressions, Eastern Conference powers, and Attila the Hun (mailbag answers)

Who will have the largest hair?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Thanks again for the mailbag questions. I really enjoyed this batch for their creativity.

My prediction is 65 wins this year. How many wins do you think the Celtics will have this year? - waynefelch

I will confidently predict that the Boston Celtics will win more games than they lose.

Golden State Warriors nearing their time as Roman Empire 476 AD? And does that make the 2018-19 Celtics the Huns? If we assume that the Cavs were the Goths, chipping away in 2016, then the more imposing Huns get credit for toppling the Romans. - 86 Celtics GOAT

If you are insinuating that Brad Stevens is Attila the Hun, I approve.

How will the recent (proposed) proof of the Riemann hypothesis affect Brad Stevens’s play calling? - drdec

From a Celtics perspective, what’s the absolute worst place that Jimmy Butler could end up playing? Philly? Toronto? Pacers? - Tellitlikeitmightbe

Philly scares me the most. That team is one big piece away from being a legit title contender (and I’m not even counting Fultz as a major part of that equation, ...yet).

Toronto isn’t that far behind, but there’s something about that combination of complex chemicals that seems combustible.

Would that swallow be African or European? - Desmodeus


Whose hair will be bigger by the end of the season? Kyrie’s or Jaylen’s? - Posted by thefistofmez

I see Kyrie going larger into a full afro, while Jaylen’s keeps growing straight up, like Kid ‘n’ Play.

The Eastern conference will be sneaky good. Although I think the Celtics overall have the most talent in the Eastern Conference, I think there actually is a good amount of competition for them. The top four teams are all very good and compare favorably with the top four of the West. Am I overestimating the depth of the East? - JohnMerrick

I tend to agree. The top of both conferences are going to be very strong. The muddy middle of the East is just far inferior (on paper) to the West.

Questions about pre-season: So far, who looks like they have improved more than expected over the off season? Who has looked like they made less progress than you would have thought? - jon33hoy

Here we go, some way too early, jump to conclusion, small sample size impressions that don’t matter one little bit.

Kyrie Irving - Already looks in mid-season form. I get the feeling that he can turn it on or off at any moment but holds back in order to get other guys involved.

Gordon Hayward - Rusty, tentative, and visibly working through hesitations built up through a whole year of his body telling him that he can’t go full speed. I think he’ll be fine, but based on conditioning, rust, and role, I don’t think we can expect 20+ points a night from him right away - nor would I consider that “failure.” Patience.

Jayson Tatum - Probably taking too many long 2’s for my taste and his shots aren’t falling as automatically as they did last year. None of that is fair, but it is a direct result of him spoiling us and raising the bar so high.

Jaylen Brown - Relentless.

Terry Rozier - Not slowing down.

Guerschon Yabusele - Looks surprisingly comfortable out there. Like he could even earn some rotation minutes if he was on any team but this specific one. I’d be more excited about him if there wasn’t so much else to be excited about.

Robert Williams III - Raw, instinctive, and loooooong. Can see him thinking through rotations and a step behind, but still able to recover and get a hand on the ball (and sometimes an entire arm) before the shot goes up. If he learns where to be consistently, he could be dangerous.

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