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Topic: What should each Celtics player dress up as for Halloween?

Happy Halloween from CelticsBlog!

NBA: Playoffs-Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween from CelticsBlog. Let’s get weird.

Tell us your ideas for what each Celtics player should dress up as tonight for trick or treating. (Yes, I’m very much assuming that they are going to go around knocking on people’s doors and yelling “trick or treat!” - Tell me you can’t picture Yabu and Robert Williams doing that.)

For one thing, Kyrie Irving already took off his Uncle Drew costume by shaving his afro off. RIP headband-afro, but that afro had no buckets in it so it had to go.

Obviously Terry Rozier has any number of options to dress up as. Scream guy, Drew Bledsoe, an actual Puma, whatever.

Yabu put on a bucket hat and jumpsuit and I’m not entirely sure if he was dressing up or if that’s just how he rolls.

I have to admit, I definitely miss Paul Pierce and his outfits. Long live The Truth.

So what other costume ideas do you have the the Celtics?

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