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Gordon Hayward says he feels for Caris LeVert

The Celtics guard can unfortunately relate LeVert’s recent injury.

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BRIGHTON - Prior to the Boston Celtics’ practice at the Auerbach Center on Tuesday afternoon, Gordon Hayward was asked about Caris LeVert’s right foot injury that he suffered on Monday night. LeVert landed on his right foot in a similarly gruesome fashion to Hayward’s season ending injury last October, causing many people to draw comparisons between the two players.

The Celtics forward said that people sent him the clip on Tuesday night and he immediately felt for LeVert.

“(I) heard the timeline is a little bit better, but still, he was playing really well,” said Hayward. “You hate injuries for anybody. It’s tough. ... People sent me the clip, so I didn’t see it live, but I did see the clip of it. ... Any time somebody goes through a major injury, you feel for them.”

Hayward tweeted at LeVert on Tuesday morning to join the long list of NBA players showing support for the Brooklyn Nets’ wing on his road to recovery. Hayward said people reaching out helped him a lot during his rehab, and offered the same for LeVert. “If he ever needs to reach out, he knows how to get ahold of me.”

It was reported on Tuesday that LeVert suffered a dislocated right foot, which is a much better diagnosis than initially thought. The 24-year-old will not need surgery.

Listen to everything Hayward said on Tuesday afternoon at the Auerbach Center below:

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