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Celtics fans are getting antsy and angsty

Taking a sampling of replies from twitter is like taking the pulse of Celtics fans.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I have no idea what’s going on with the Boston Celtics. Yes, that’s not an ideal thing to admit when I run a blog titled CelticsBlog. I’m supposed to have “the answers” right? Well I don’t right now, and apparently neither do the Celtics.

It is interesting to see people offer up their answers to me via twitter. I took a sampling from last night and thought I’d share them with you with some bonus reactions of my own.

Yes, let’s panic. Let us run around screaming and hyperventilating and back to screaming. Throw things, break things (but not things that are too valuable), and generally release your pent up emotions (preferably in a way that doesn’t injure your self and certainly not anyone else).

Related note: The panic button comes in many forms, I prefer the twitter button and the comments section on CelticsBlog, but that’s just me.

Well, first we’ll have to find this Harford guy. I’m picking on Ben a little here. But there were a lot of “trade everyone” and “we NEED to make a trade” type tweets. The problem is that panic trades don’t often work well and we have a GM that has made a lot of really great moves in recent years. In fact, the team he has assembled was resoundingly lauded as a work of art a month ago by everyone that writes about basketball for a living.

If there’s a deal out there that makes sense, I’m sure Ainge will pursue it. But not because the team dropped a few early season games.

You know what this team really could use? Gordon Hayward playing like himself. Jaylen Brown playing like he did last year. Terry Rozier finding a consistent role. These are the kinds of upgrades that we can hope for and I still believe that they will happen. It may take some time though. It might be another month before Hayward is consistently very good (and another few months before we can use the word “great”).

The one hesitation that everyone had about this team heading into the year was finding enough looks for everyone on offense. Turns out that’s a real thing that still needs to be worked out. Brad Stevens is a good coach (despite the smattering of “Fire Stevens” tweets that I saw last night) and I have a feeling that he’ll figure things out.

It is boring and somewhat patronizing to keep preaching patience, but to me it seems like this team just needs more time to work things out.

With fans, the pendulum swings both ways. For every panic comment, there were the chorus of “we’re fine” tweets.

That’s fine if you want to consume basketball that way, but you have to understand that not everyone handles this stuff the same way. Many fans live and die on each play and every game. That’s fine as well.

Make no mistake, this team is playing badly right now. Way below their expectations and it is frustrating to watch. How you deal with that frustration is totally up to you (within reason). So keep the tweets and comments coming.

Finally, sometimes you just have to chuckle a little and move on.

On to the next game!

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