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Bob Ryan on Celtics “I’m Angry, It Shouldn’t Be This Way” (podcast)

Bob Ryan joined Adam Kaufman on the Celtics Beat Podcast and ripped into the “disappointing” Celtics and their slow start to the season.

Well, now you’ve gone and done it Boston Celtics. You’ve upset Bob Ryan. Nice job.

The legendary Basketball writer and analyst was a guest of Adam Kaufman on the Celtics Beat Podcast on CLNS Media where he tore into the Celtics surprisingly poor start to the season.

“I’m angry, it shouldn’t be this way,” said an apoplectic Ryan. “I thought 60 (wins) was a reasonable goal for this year and that was factoring in that [Gordon] Hayward wouldn’t be fully back till January. I’m really disappointed.”

Ryan still believes that the talent is there, it’s just not meshing right now. He “doesn’t buy the notion that they’re suddenly not good” and he thinks most of the issues on the team are “from the neck up.”

The longtime Boston Globe Columnist also acknowledges most people (himself included) vastly underestimated how good the Celtics competition in the East would be.

“Toronto’s better with [Kawhi] Leonard,” Ryan told Kaufman. “Philly, I wasn’t too worried about but now all of a sudden Philly’s got [Jimmy] Butler and oh boy you checking out what he’s doing for them? They [Celtics] are looking up to people. They might be looking up to Milwaukee the whole season as well.”

Collectively the Celtics have been very disappointing (11-10 record as of Wednesday) but it starts with individual effort and performance, and Ryan was sharply critical of just about everyone.

Terry Rozier

“The worst fears about Rozier appear to becoming true. He apparently needs those minutes.”

Jaylen Brown

“Then there’s Jaylen Brown’s curious regression. I don’t know how much of that is tied to playing time or stylistically with Hayward coming back. I’m worried. I thought he had arrived. I had him as a given but now, oh jeez what do we have here? I didn’t think it was something we had to worry about.”

Al Horford

“He’s at the age (32 years old) where some guys have lost it and if that’s the case, then that’s a problem because he was such a key component last year.”

Kyrie Irving

“Theres another theory out there and I’m entertaining it not subscribing to it. There’s no true point guard. [Kyrie] Irving is a scorer who can pass. I think his heart is in the right place but he’s not a pure point and maybe that is a problem.”

Jayson Tatum

“Is there a bigger individual disappointment – other than maybe Rozier – than [Jayson] Tatum? I’m just so down and disappointed. He’s not the same player he was in May. He checked every box and he’s not the same player so far. He’s got to flip that switch. Maybe something happened, maybe he got caught up (in the hype.)

“When I think of him I think of that gigantic first step. He can go the hoop anytime he wants. He can be a lot better. He could be a huge factor to turning this thing around is he gets back.”

Yikes. And that’s just a taste of Ryan’s wrath. For the full episode listen here.

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