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Open topic: How do you grade out the Celtics after 21 games?

Your turn to nominate the best (and worst) Celtics through the first quarter of the NBA season.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago Chad Finn wrote a fun article looking at every Celtics player through the first quarter of the season (I wish I had thought of that). Here’s a sample:

Terry Rozier: I don’t know, maybe they should trade him, though the way things are going, Irving’s knee would start barking the moment Rozier was sent to a new destination. He’s salvageable, of course, but it’s pretty obvious free agency is on his mind and he’s trying to score a game’s worth of points in every six-minute stretch of action. It doesn’t help that he’s shooting an atrocious 36.7 percent from 2-point range.

I thought a fun experiment would be to open this up to readers. Let’s make some way-too-early nominations for the following categories (and make up some more if you like).

Who’s our MVP so far?

Who’s the LVP (least valuable) so far?

Who’s the most pleasant surprise? (or perhaps most improved)

Who’s the most head scratching? (or perhaps frustrating)

Who’s the most fun end-of-bench guy?

Feel free to give out grades to everyone or for the team as a whole.

Have fun with it.

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