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Calling all CelticsBlog readers!

Here’s a fun opportunity to contribute to the blog.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

For every Celtics game, we publish a game thread that acts as both a preview and space for CelticsBlog readers to talk about the game while it’s going on in real time. We have a very diverse audience and it’s always fun to interact and bounce ideas off each other like we were in a sports bar or a friend’s living room.

In the spirit of that camaraderie, CelticsBlog would like to start recognizing the contributions of our readers and their insights by highlighting a handful of game thread comments and posting them on our front page during and after the game.

For now, we’re looking for three categories: 1) a big play, 2) a stat or number, and 3) a quote from a player or coach after the game. If you see or hear something during the game that really stands out and you have an opinion on it, write a brief paragraph about it in the comments section and maybe we’ll feature it on the CelticsBlog cover live or the next morning.

For example:

“Wow. First bucket for the rookie and that slam shows the potential of what this kid could bring to the team. He’s a high flyer with nimble footwork. Robert Williams really is a time lord. Watching him get up like that reminds me so much of Shawn Kemp.”


Terry Rozier said before the game that he doesn’t know where the rumors are coming from and that he’s happy with where he’s at. Stevens has always been a big proponent for Scary Terry and I’ll bet down the line, we’ll see a strong stretch of games from Rozier soon. Whether that makes him a stronger trade candidate or building block for Boston is up to Danny Ainge.”

Be as analytical or silly or bias as you want. This is a safe space for Celtics fans and we’d love to hear from you. So, in the comments section of the next game thread (here’s a link to tonight’s game vs. the Cavaliers), make sure to include any video or tweet (even your own) that you want to feature and a short paragraph about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below.

Thanks, CelticsBlog readers. Let’s go, Celtics!

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