The draft revisited.... 1/4 through the season

538 N.B.A. projections

Currently 11th / Projected 5th

One of my fears going into the year was that several teams would be trying to tank. But teams like Dallas and Memphis look like they will be in the mix for a playoff spot well into the season. The east has several teams who should tank and tank hard-- Atlanta, Chicago and Cleveland.

While I like the Kings' talent. They are not a playoff team and 5th seems about right.
Bol Bol, C, Oregon
Romeo Langford, G, Indiana
Sekou Doumbouya, PF/C, France

Memphis Grizzlies
Currently 21 / Projected 12

At the beginning of the years-- I thought there was no way that this pick would convert. I still think it is unlikely. After Conley, Gasol and Jackson-- they have a whole bunch of Meah in their rotation. They have lost three straight, including a lose to the New York Knicks.

They would a highly seed if the playoff began today. So it is hard to see the Grizzles tanking soon. They may wait too long for the pick to convert.

The one X factor is Gasol, who would be a valuable piece to any playoff team. When Jackson hits the rookie wall-- if Gasol is traded, Memphis may go into full tank mode. Those are some big ifs.

Prediction-- Reality is going to slap Memphis in the face soon. While they are the 3 losses out of 13th. The 2020 draft looks to be one of the weaker drafts in recent memory. Also-- no college player in recent memory has created as much buzz as Williamson. Think that siren song is too much and by January-- Memphis will be in full tank mode.


LA Clippers
Currently 30th / Projection 14th

Through a quarter of the season-- the Clips have the best record in the league at 15 and 6. Even if they lose 60% of there remaining 61 games-- 25/36-- they will end up with a record of 40 /42. If they lose 50% 31/30 they will finish 46 / 36. They have an insanely deep roster so they could have one or two of their players go into funk and it would not effect them.

Prediction 22nd pick in the draft. (Which seems ideal to get Rozier's replacement.)
Players available
Ja Morant, PG, Murray State
Darius Garland, PG, Vanderbilt
Tre Jones, PG, Duke
Shamorie Ponds, PG Saint Johns

Celtics Pick
Currently 16 / Projection 25

I am still drinking the green koolaid. Have the Celtics sucked- YES. Have the Celtics had big wins that show how good they can be, YES? AInge will pull the trigger on Rozier-- who still has some value. Stevens will get through to his players.

Players available-
Aric Holman, PF Mississippi State
Simi Shittu, PF Vanderbilt
Killian Tillie, PF Gonzaga
Goga Bitadze, C, Republic of Georgia
Luka Samanic, PF, Croatia
Biram Faye, C, Senegal
Arturs Zagars, PG / SG, Latvia

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