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Jaylen Brown says he thinks playing tomorrow night is a “possibility”, discusses a potential rotation change

Brown gave an injury update on Friday night at TD Garden.

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

BOSTON - Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown gave an injury update on Friday night at TD Garden prior to the team’s matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Brown will not play tonight, missing his second straight game due to the lower back injury he suffered last Saturday in Dallas. The Celtics’ wing did say that he thinks playing tomorrow night is a “possibility”, adding that he’ll be back soon.

“If it was a list of injuries that everybody’s dealing with in the NBA, I’d probably pick mine over a lot of the other ones,” said Brown. “So I’ll be back soon, just want to make sure I’m healthy and be back to help the team win.”

During his brief absence, the Celtics have started Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart, seeming to finally find their ever-escaping groove. Does Brown think his spot in the rotation will be different when he returns?

“Possibly,” said Brown. “Especially if we are winning. Whatever it is that needs to be done to figure it out. Everybody has talent, everybody has ability, but obviously we have to make something work here. We don’t want to be looking down the line and trying to figure out, ‘What if or Woulda, coulda’, whatever it is that we can make it work now, I’m totally happy with that. Winning answers everybody’s questions. If we’re winning, everything else will be fine.”

The Celtics will start the same five as Monday night in New Orleans, with Aron Baynes starting in place of Al Horford. Horford is out due to rest tonight. The Celtics and Cavaliers tip-off at 7:00 PM EST from TD Garden.

Listen to everything Brown said on Friday night from TD Garden below:

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