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Boston Celtics fans not panicking over early struggles

The vocal minority isn’t always representative of the majority of fans.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With expectations sky high coming into the season, there was really nowhere for this team to go but down (in some people’s eyes). So as the Celtics have struggled to find their rhythm in the early part of the season (as many predicted by the way), some predictable hand wringing has begun.

You see it in the comments and tweets and general fan chatter. What’s wrong with the offense? Gordon Hayward doesn’t look right yet. [Insert player’s name] is getting lost in the mix (Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, and even Kyrie Irving have been mentioned). Some of the more extreme comments have already started calling for changes and trades.

But does that viewpoint match the general consensus? Not really. According to a twitter poll I did, the fanbase is largely pretty chill about things thus far.

Now, the majority isn’t always right. This is just my attempt to point out that even if it sometimes seems like “everyone” is panicking, that isn’t always the case. The largely silent majority is willing to see how things unfold.

Remember that the team has only completed 11% of the season and is currently on pace to win 55 games. The team is putting up elite defensive numbers and one would have to imagine that there’s enough offensive talent (and coaching) to figure out how to put more points on the board going forward.

I’m not worried and apparently neither are most of you.

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