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An ode to SWA (Starters With Attitude)

With another strong start from Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart, Brad Stevens may have found the combination to kick start the season.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

One of our most avid commentators usually writes a little ditty after each game. Here’s the one from Boston’s blowout of the Cavaliers:

S.W.A. **

**Starters With Attitude, Cavs are in town,

Cavs rebuilding without Kyrie around

(Horford, rest).Tatum, Morris, Smart, Baynes, Kyrie!

Smart, steal, first play! Kyrie! TATUM FOR THREE!

Pace! Cs, 13-3 run! Cavs run. KYRIE FOR THREE!

(looking to shoot!) Hayward! KYRIE FOR THREE!

Morris! Rozier! Cs, better D! Kyrie, Season High Q1!

Tatum! Dabusele rebounding! Cs up 4 end Q1!

Hayward!! Ugh, tie. Tatum! Cavs, first lead.

Tatum! DABUSELE FOR THREE! Energy we need!

Baynes! Smart to Morris, alley-oop! Kyrie!

Smart! KYRIE FOR THREE! Hayward-good to see!

Smart, steal, jam! Baynes-running-what a pass, Kyrie!

Hayward to Baynes, alley-oop! Very efficient Kyrie!

Cs, 15-4 run-Buzzer: MORRIS SR FOR THREE!

Season High Half, Kyrie! Cs up 10 start Q3!

Baynes! KYRIE FOR THREE! Smart, Steal!

Smart -> Kyrie -> Smart -> Morris…f’real

Baynes, foul 4. MORRIS SR FOR THREE!

Tatum! Smart, great D! SMART FOR THREE!

Tatum, foul 3. Cavs bodies flyin’. KYRIE FOR THREE!

Double Figures, good for him: HAYWARD FOR THREE!

Kyrie! Smart, assists! Cs up 29 end Q3!

THEIS FOR THREE! Ojeleye, upfake, blew by Cavs’ D!

Double Figures, Rozier! Pace! SMART FOR THREE!

Cs, ball movement! Wanamaker, Williams we see.

Williams, career 6 for 6-from Wanamaker alley-oop!

TWolves tomorrow, resting our (8) Starting Group.

Cavs’ Harrison fouled out. WANAMAKER FOR THREE!

Dabusele! Robert Williams III 12th Williams to be a C

Athletic Williams, block! OJELEYE FOR THREE!

Dozier, first NBA hoop…Dozier, third hoop we see!


**S.W.A. is much more fun!

Coaches, Announcers, et al…all going along-

See Larranaga-for Craig Sager, #SagerStrong


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