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Links & Quotes: Where Jayson Tatum goes shopping

What will little Deuce be getting for Christmas?

Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Playing around with re-branding this morning post. I hope it is helpful to have some quick links and interesting quotes from around the league. Not looking to replace the wonderful work that FLCeltsFan does on the Daily Links (which are far more comprehensive). Not sure if “Links and Quotes” is a great title, but I’m open to suggestions.

For now, however, on to the links and quotes.

ESPN the Mag has a fun piece following Tatum around shopping for gifts for Deuce and others:

Tatum finds the perfect gift: a bright red sled. “Can’t wait to take little man sledding,” he says. Also in our haul: two glow-in-
the-dark soccer balls for his footie-fan teammates Jaylen Brown and Guerschon Yabusele; and for coach Brad Stevens, his go-to arcade game, Pac-Man. “Maybe I’ll get some more playing time,” says the suck-up.

The Herald has more frustrated comments from Smart

“I think we’ve all slipped,” said Smart. “We let guys get comfortable. We let guys get really comfortable — I mean, guys that usually don’t do the things they were doing to us. And we allowed the guys that we knew exactly what they were going to do to do it, as well, and you just can’t have that.

“We’ve just got to pick up our defense. We’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to do on the offensive end — except for (Wednesday), but, like I said, every night isn’t going to be perfect. We’ve got another game coming up. We’ve got to watch the film, see what we did and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

NBC Boston has introspective comments from Irving

“I was just thinking about it while I was at my locker: this is the NBA season,” said Irving. “You just want to have great pockets of games, you have good consistent run, and then now you have a lapse. Now it’s build it back up, continue to work every single day to be a very great team, it’s a work in progress every day.”

Finally, someone needs to kill this idea with fire.

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