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Brad Stevens says the Celtics continued their “well-intentioned” team meeting on Saturday for 90 minutes

Stevens discussed the meeting before Sunday evening’s game against Charlotte.

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

BOSTON - Following Friday night’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Boston Celtics held a closed-door meeting that included both players and coaches. Brad Stevens spoke about the discussion during his pregame media availability on Sunday at TD Garden, saying that the team held a second meeting the following day for about 90 minutes.

“Every day we have closed-door meetings,” said Stevens. “But some are obviously more impactful, more transparent and a little bit more raw than others. And I think those are probably the most memorable, enjoyable, and purposeful times when you reflect on the season.”

Stevens sounded like he felt the meeting went well, saying that it was well-intentioned and done right. “Those are the moments in coaching that you can’t explain, but that’s what it’s all about. if it’s well-intentioned and if it’s not off the rails. And it was the furthest from that. Our guys are great, we just haven’t played as well as we want.”

The Celtics head coach added some humor as well, comparing the team meeting to a family Christmas.

“A lot of those meetings start off like Festivus, then they end with hugs, right? So it’s just like any other family meeting. That’s where we were. We never got to the Feats of Strength. ... It was Christmas, wherever you are.”

For what’s it worth, the mood in the Celtics locker room with just over an hour before tip-off was very light, with lots of chatter and laughs.

Listen to Stevens full pregame press conference here:

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