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Open topic: What are your predictions for the rest of the season?

More Untucked Kyrie? Next level Jayson Tatum? The return of good Jaylen Brown? The return of All Star Gordon Hayward?

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Another year is nearly over and yes, of course that means we’re doing retrospectives. You don’t expect us to have unique ideas over the holidays do you?

So we’re giving the mic to you. Give us your thoughts on the rest of the season. What are your predictions.

Here’s some primers for you to ponder:

  • Will Gordon Hayward return fully to form? Or perhaps 80% or 50% or pick a percent. How much will we need from him to win the title?
  • Will the real Jaylen Brown please stand up? (please stand up, please stand up)
  • Will Terry Rozier be traded?
  • What color hair will Yabu be sporting by the end of the year?
  • What year will Timelord travel back to (or forward to) next?
  • What are the most points that Kyrie Irving will score in a single (non-overtime) game?

Answer these questions or make up your own. Rec your favorite responses and turn the comments section Celtics green. Happy New Year!

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