I don't know what a "gathering motion" is anymore

I want to focus on this example:

(try setting the speed at 0.25)

Now, IMHO, that's a travel. The League says it's legal because of the "Harden rule": he was still gathering the ball.

This is how I see it:
Doncic step backBetween Step Zero and Step One, Doncic never dribbles but he's somehow considered not gathering, apparently.

But if this is not traveling, I guess the referees consider gathering only when you put both hands on the ball, for some reason? My understanding is that it is an interpretation of the rule, and there's no actual rule about this. But it really looks like the focus is when the player holds the ball in both hands, otherwise I don't see how you can give Doncic Step One. I mean, look at this:


My problem with this is that it feels like a loophole for future players. If you’ve not "gathered" until both of your hands are on the ball, cunning players could exploit this (they are already doing it).

And, also, it could lead to things like this. I guess they didn't call it because he was "still gathering the ball"? If you can take as many steps as you want between picking the ball up and "gathering" (whatever that means at this point), what's the limit?

Am I barking at trees? Am I just an old fool that doesn't catch up with the new way the game is called? Let me know.

P.S. Nothing against Luka Doncic, I love the guy. I felt he was worth the first round pick, and he's showing I was right.

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