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Kyrie Irving wants previous opponents to “keep that same energy”

Irving spoke about the Celtics big win over the New York Knicks on Thursday night.

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

BOSTON - After the Boston Celtics fell to .500 just two weeks ago, the murmurs quickly became loud chatter. Were the Celtics in legitimate trouble? What was happening in that Boston locker room? The wonderment was coming from the fans, but according to Kyrie Irving, it was also coming from opposing teams. Now, the Celtics point guard says they “owe” some of those opponents, and they’re having fun doing it.

“You know, I was thinking about it since we lost to them (the Knicks), a few teams that we owe,” Irving said. “I still remember certain players on other teams asking us what was going on with us when we were 10-10. So yeah, keep that same energy. I want that same competition and just seeing where we end up a few games from here.”

Losing is never fun, but it’s obvious to Irving and his teammates, despite if you don’t hear it from them, that the Celtics weren’t enjoying the game during the first month of the season. They simply were not having fun. Irving has made it a point to note this over the last few games, and did so again after Thursday night’s 128-100 win over the New York Knicks.

“I think the important thing to take away from our shoulders early on was just how much of the fun we weren’t having,” Irving said. “It just wasn’t fun. It just wasn’t good basketball, we weren’t cheering for one another and we weren’t doing the little things. I know certain guys would probably be fearful to talk about it, but it goes on in every NBA locker room.”

As the fun arrived, so did a 4-game winning streak. The Celtics look to continue their improved ways on Saturday night in Chicago when they take on the Bulls at 8:00 PM EST.

Listen to everything Irving said after Thursday’s win below:

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