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Can the Celtics land Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline (podcast)

Sam Vecenie and Danny Leroux with a full episode devoted to the NBA trade deadline

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In this episode, Sam talks with Danny Leroux from over at The Athletic (and Dunc’d On, Warriors Watch and RealGM Radio) about the NBA Trade Deadline that’s coming next week.

They start by talking about Tyreke Evans and his eventual stop. Do they trust him as an asset to acquire for the rest of the season? Does Boston make the most sense? What are some deals that make the most sense for him?

Then, they talk about the Los Angeles teams. What deals are out there for the Lakers to pursue in order to achieve their dream of two maximum salary slots? What should the Clippers do following the Blake Griffin deal? Should Avery Bradley be one of the best commodities on their roster? What should they do with DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams?

Then, they focus on the 76ers. What should the 76ers do? Should they try to acquire Evans? Should they try to get off the Bayless contract by using their first round pick? Also, what do they make of the Nikola Mirotic scuttled deal that would have sent him to New Orleans?

Then, they talk about how the teams with a lot of money in expiring contracts could actually look to be long-term buyers despite their lack of contention this season. Should Dallas or Atlanta try to get some interesting assets?

Finally, they focus on Cleveland. What is the best set of moves out there for the Cavaliers to pursue? How does the buyout market affect that?

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