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Top 5 Celtics’ retired numbers (quick-podcast)

Paul Pierce jersey retirement gives me an excuse to be cheesy, like I need one?

BOSTON - It was fun to team up with my longtime co-host on Beats and Eats pop-culture podcast, Ty Ray. We hopped on the Celtics News Feed to tip off Paul Pierce weekend. Yes, we are referring to his number being retired as a “weekend.”

The Truth’s jersey retirement festivities gave Ty and I the opportunity to take ourselves way too seriously and talk some Celtics franchise history. Years ago, on Beats and Eats, we would have a short “Top 5” segment on pop-culture topics with hokey music and the works. We’ve long since retired that segment and are “semi-retired” with the podcast entirely, but how could we pass up an opportunity to get cheesy and talk Celtics history? Maybe annoy a fan or two?

Of course, we got so off the rails that we barely even talked about Pierce. Did he even make the list?

Anyway, I hope you have fun listening to our Top 5 Celtics Retired Numbers Quickcast:

Who do you have on your list?

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