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Marcus Smart’s return immediately impacts Celtics defense and Boston wins 2nd straight (video)

Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Trags discuss the true value of Marcus Smart...

BOSTON - Prior to Marcus Smart’s return, the Boston Celtics went from first to worst in defensive rating without him. As discussed with Sean Grande here, Smart’s value has become as valuable to the Celtics defense as Kyrie Irving and Al Horford are to the over-all team success.

Smart returns to game-play, after a long period of the Celtics struggling prior to the All-Star break, and the C’s are 2-0.

Coincidence? Trags, Toscano and Pavon discuss.

Though this segment is recorded prior to the All Star break ending, the content is still very relevant... the Boston Celtics are just a better team with Marcus Smart on the floor.

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