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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Terry Rozier does it again... (videos)

For the second straight game, Terry Rozier led the Celtics to another blow-out victory.

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BOSTON - For the second consecutive game, the Boston Celtics were without key players, Terry Rozier led the way to another blow-out win.

Evan and Josue discuss Terry Rozier’s career night as he had 31 points against the Atlanta Hawks. Along with Rozier starting in the place of Kyrie Irving.

Here’s what everyone said after the game:

Brad Stevens on 3rd quarter-- kudos to CLNS’ Josue Pavon for asking the question:

“Well, first of all, Al (Horford) got going on the post, and I thought we were purposeful in getting him the ball. And then I thought our defensive aggressiveness carried over into offensive confidence. And I think that sometimes you earn your opportunity to make a shot with your effort, your engagement. And it felt like that was more the case in that third quarter. Although we had – you know, we had scored it okay going into the half – but the third quarter was one of our better quarters, I thought, of the year”

Al Horford talks about his participation in the skills challenge and the way Terry Rozier has played as a starter for Kyrie Irving.

”He’s come a long way,” said Horford. “I was always just impressed by his ability, but you don’t know if that’s going to translate. For him the more that we’ve played him, doesn’t matter the positions we put him in, he just keeps learning and growing and he’s playing the right way. He’s playing aggressive, but what I like most about him is that he really commits on the defensive end, rebounds great. I’ve just been very happy to see his progress and I know that he’s going to continue to get better.”

Terry Rozier talks about his play as a starter and the imminent return of Kyrie Irving.

”It’s just been a blessing, it’s been great,” said Rozier. “All the praise goes to the coaches and my teammates for allowing me to get open and for making it easy for me. Everybody is playing hard out there and all the credit goes to them.”

“You just know the whole day that you are going to be starting. When you come off the bench you don’t know exactly the timing. You should come out aggressive and the same mindset and be ready no matter if you’re starting or not. But like I said if you are starting you can just think about it all day and know you’re starting so it’s just a little different.”

“I haven’t changed my mind. Kyrie is probably one of my biggest supporters outside of my family through this process. I know he’s happy for me and when he comes back we are going to pick it up.”

Jayson Tatum talks his career-high night which included him scoring 27 points.

”It felt good. Just went out there and be aggressive.”

This feature was prepared by Clevis Murray for CelticsBlog and CLNS Media.

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